Hi, my name is Ashley.

I’m in my twenties, but I act like an old lady.

I love knitting and crocheting, gardening, and bird watching.

I’m a bit technologically challenged, and I say things like “lovely chap” and “dandy”.

I once tried to join a wool-spinning club (in which I would clearly be the youngest member by about 50 years) and another time I felt my hip go weird while looking at yarn in a shop called “Knit World”.

Yes, my friends (and even my grandparents!) make fun of me for being prematurely old, but I love being who I am.

I love all things antique, vintage, retro, old school – whatever you want to call it – and I hope to share some of my passion with you.

So join me with your lap blanket, cup of tea, and knitting needles and let’s get started, shall we?

Oh, and by the way, no, I don’t wear granny-panties!



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