As an introduction to this post, here are a few things you need to know:

  1. I live in New Zealand and so therefore my gardening will be in sync with NZ seasons.
  2. I’m not a professional gardener – I’m just going to share with you what I have learned through successes (and mishaps…).

So anyways… hyacinths!

I tried planting them for the first time last year and I planted them at the prescribed time in Autumn, fully expecting them to not come up until Spring. But only a few weeks later, I saw one of them peeking up through the ground:


At that time we were getting frosts during the night so I used the bottom of a fizzy bottle to cover it overnight. When it got a bit taller, I lifted it and put it in a pot to bring inside. I think that it’s a bit of a waste to leave hyacinths outside because they smell so good – you miss a lot of that beautiful smell by leaving them outside!

Today I just planted my hyacinths again. I saved the bulbs from last year, stored them in a burlap bag in a cool, dark place during the off-season, and then at the beginning of March (the beginning of autumn here), I put the bulbs in my fridge to cool for a few weeks.

I decided that this year I would use a pot to grow them to save me having to lift them from the ground to bring them inside like I did last year.

Whenever I plant anything in a pot, I always line the bottom with some chunky rocks to help with drainage, and then throw in some dirt on top. I decided to be a bit fancy this year and buy a bag of bulb mix (mostly because it was fairly cheap and therefore why not give it a go?) which I put on top of the dirt. If you don’t have bulb mix, don’t worry – good old fashioned dirt always works.

I then placed the bulbs in the pot – roughly as deep as twice the height of the bulb. I read in one of my gardening books that if you want to plant the bulbs in an indoor pot, you should plant them pretty shallow – just beneath the surface of the dirt. But since I want to leave my pot outside for a while (the bulbs do better in the cold), I’ve planted them a bit deeper.

Happy hyacinth-planting!


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