Tips for Crocheting with Plarn

In my previous post I demonstrated how to make plarn; in this post I will share the tips I have learned to help make crocheting wih plarn a bit easier.

Tip #1: Use a big chunky hook.

Obviously the width that you cut your plarn to will determine the exact size of the hook, but in my experience, the bigger the better. I usually use at least a size K / 6.5mm.

Tip #2: When you make your plarn, you will see that when the loops are all tied together, you have two running strands of plarn. Crochet as if those two strands were one. You don’t need to separate the strands.IMG_0562

Tip #3: Use your muscles: crocheting with plarn definitely requires a bit more elbow grease than usual crocheting as plarn can be pretty stiff. I tend to hold the hook like a pen when I am crocheting with normal yarn; with plarn I hold the hook differently – almost like you would hold a bike handle – in order to get the force that I need.

Tip #4: One of the handiest things I learned regarding plarn was what to do if I couldn’t find a plastic bag or bread bag in the particular colour I wanted. The answer? Plastic tablecoths. Yep! You just get a tablecloth in the colour you want – you can usually find them pretty cheap at a dollar store, or free in the back of someone’s cupboard (this is how I got mine!). Fold it up as you would when making plarn out of a bag, and then cut strips whatever width you require. The only difference with using tablecloths is that unlike cutting strips out of a plastic bag, you don’t get loops. This means that you need to join the strips differently. Here’s a good way to do it:

  1. Cut short slits in the end of each strip.


2. Insert the end of one strip into the slit of the other strip.


3. Bring the opposite end of the inserted strip around and insert that end into the slit of the same strip.


4. Pull it through tightly until you get a nice tidy knot like this:


The featured photo of this post is a picture of a mat I made a couple of years ago using both plastic shopping bags and table cloths. The plastic tablecloths came in handy when I ran out of yellow and green supermarket bags – and you will find that crocheting with plarn uses up heaps of bags!

Happy Plarning!



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