How to Make Plarn

Discovering how to make plarn (plastic yarn) is rather exciting as it is a new and fun way to use up all those plastic shopping bags that take up so much space. Not only do you clear out space, you can also help save the environment in the process, which is always a plus. Another benefit of plarn is that since it’s plastic, whatever you make with it will be waterproof.

Plarn can be a wee bit tricky to crochet with when you’re starting out as it is a lot stiffer than normal yarn, but it’s all good once you get a feel for it.

Here is a step by step guide of how to make your own plarn:

  1. You can use either plastic shopping bags or bread bags. Start off by flattening them and lining the edges up as much as possible.


2. Fold the bag length wise in half and then in half again. Squeeze all the air out as you go.


3. Cut the bag into strips – you can choose whatever width you prefer. I tend to cut the strips about 1 cm wide. Usually the first strip from the bottom of the bag can be thrown out as it doesn’t create a very nice loop (see next step).


4. When you unfold the strips you will see that they make loops. Now you need to join them together. This can be done by overlapping the loops (as in the picture below) which creates a small circle between them. Take the opposite end of one of the loops and pull it through that circle.


5. Once you have done that, pull both ends nice and tight. There you have the beginning of your plarn!


Now just keep expanding the length of your plarn by tying more loops onto the ends. Eventually you will end up with a nice big ball of plarn.

Happy plarn-making!


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