The other day I was talking to my grandparents on Skype and my Grandpa asked me what I was doing with my spare time while I wasn’t at work.

I told him that I’ve been busy working on a post-graduate paper and that I’ve also enjoyed doing old lady things like knitting and crocheting. He then said,

“Looks like you’re also quite a green thumb judging by the pictures of your garden you’ve put up on Facebook!”

I replied, “Yes, I love gardening. I’m really excited right now, too, because it will be time to plant all of my tulip bulbs soon!”

There was a pause. And then all of the sudden my Grandpa said,

“Wow, it sounds like you really are an old lady!”

I had to laugh – I’ve heard that comment many times before from my family and friends. The reality is that they’re totally right! I do tend to enjoy the more old-ladyish things of life.

I was born in 1991 which makes me part of the Millennial generation. Not too long ago I was with another set of grandparents and my Grandma was telling me that her mother’s generation – who lived through the Great Depression – were interested in all things that were new and shiny. Fast forward to us Millennials and you find an increasing interest in all things old and vintage. I can’t help but wonder if the rapid development of technology that my generation has seen has created a sense of loss – a loss of tradition and simplicity. By embracing those older things we can somehow gain a sense of recreating those old-school ways that take us back to simpler times.

This blog is a way of doing just that. It is also a way for me to share my own personal interests in the more traditional hobbies of knitting, crocheting, gardening, and the like. In the process, I hope to inspire further interest in the readers that happen to wander across this blog.

So, welcome and enjoy!


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  1. Hey, Ash! I’m excited about your new venture – highlighting the good, interesting & creativity from past generations (Of course, creative skills are timeless !) Love, Grandma I’m eager to follow your blog!


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